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Will the real GRGR stand up? Another apology, is it sincere?

More news on 6/21 from GRGR. News indicating their 2009 information statement posted on Pinksheets was wrong. As an investor, is what is occuring within GRGR due to an investors report to the Government. We do not know. All news is coming from GlobeNewswire a paid service. The format used is no different from all other paid news releases they published. The information is very generic, misleading. Didn’t GRGR in an earlier news release commit to no longer providing news releases, I quote The company, effective immediately, will not issue any further forward looking press releases such as LOI’s ( letters of Intent) or financial projections” or misleading press releases. The current press release could be construed as positive to those investors looking to invest and take a gamble with their money. Or if they are a long time follower of GRGR, they believe it is more bad news.
What correction is needed and how fast the correction is reported will help us determine if GRGR is changing.
It leaves me still asking Will the Real GRGR stand up?
Green Energy Resources CorrectionFont size: A | A | A6:51 AM ET 6/21/10 | GlobeNewswire
It has come to Green Energy Resources’ (Pink Sheets:GRGR) attention that the wrong 2009 information statement was posted on Pinksheets. The posted document was a working file copy containing errors and not correct. Company accountants are reviewing, revising and restating the 2009 Information

Posted by: thecollecktor | June 24, 2010

GRGR offers apology and changes direction, not quite yet

A recent news release lays blame on GRGR’s LOI’s (letters of intent) and financial projections on Director and secretary Jack Halperin. With the blame comes his resignation and a promise to no longer publish further forward looking press releases. This same press release “quote”

The company apologizes to any shareholder, who in the past may have been confused as to Green Energy’s actual financial condition as a result of such releases.

My concern is with GRGR’s comment “may have been confused” with GRGR’s actual financial condition. GRGR’s mode of operation was dependent on LOI’s and financial projections. This blog sole purpose was to bring to light the false information being published by GRGR and all of its team including Joe. This has been going on for several years, with the hope of driving GRGR’s stock price higher. It worked in the past. Yes Joe and all of GRGR, your press releases no longer work. GRGR will now have to face reality. GRGR’s original green energy purpose was in itself believable. Actual financial reports that matched what was occuring were published. It is hard to believe now anything GRGR said was true. In my mind and with my original investment I proudly bought shares in a company with a future. I then began my journey to promote GRGR. Over time, along with poor communication between Joe, GRGR and myself, I discovered the lies between what was reality and what was published.
With all that I lost along with many investors, an apology should be real. I don’t believe GRGR has changed. They found a scapegoat and threw Jack to the wolves. A real apology would have been sincere coming from Joe, the CEO not a news release. Joe, where are you taking GRGR now. You are in a new location. At this point I believe that is all that has changed.

GRGR continues to release press releases with news of multi million dollar contracts. GRGR is using a cost effective way to distribute their news through Globenewswire. Globenewswire is just that a news distribution company. It doesn’t verify what it releases is true or factual. Companies pay GlobeNewswire money to get the most exposure they can. What is important is investors need to read the news releases with caution. Don’t believe what they distribute based on what looks to be an authoritative news authority. This private company offers a cost effective way to get the news to directly to journalists, analysts, newswires, and more…… Coverage may be regional, local or to meet certain markets defined by the company.

No matter what is distributed by this company, always ask how real is the information being released. GRGR hasn’t changed their method of announcing large contracts. No relationships are identified. Everything is written with hopeful statements. GRGR hopes to build excitement with the news. Investors have caught on based on what we have seen in the past. Our blog documents much of the untruths discovered as we have all began to put the puzzle pieces together. I am with John, and have sold all but about $50.00 of the company. I have gone on to better things. You may want to check out my posts on APNX at

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Pinnacle Digest looking for investors opinions on GRGR

GRGR’s announcement of Feb 12 regarding GRGR’s creation of 12 jobs has intrigued Pinnacle Digest’s team. Pinnacle Digest

is a performance driven online financial magazine and social network.

As a result of this interest Pinnacle Digest is asking investors to give them their opinion of GRGR. More information on what Pinnacle Digest is looking for is described below. is a performance-driven online financial magazine and social network with a proven track record. After yesterday’s news from Green Energy Resources (Pink Sheets: GRGR | Quote | Chart | News | PowerRating) announcing that it is creating a dozen “Green” jobs to meet orders, our team is inviting all shareholders to their exclusive investor controlled forum. Our staff and members have requested that all Green Energy shareholders join our community and share their thoughts on the company, its development and future outlook. One of the most important aspects when we research for new investments is to understand the sentiment of the current shareholders; that is why we have released this announcement – we want to know your opinion.

The reality is this With enough shareholder feedback and interest, GRGR could be bought by a company who realizes the reality of GRGR’s focus and plan. I won’t hold my breath.

Posted by: thecollecktor | February 19, 2010

GRGR’s press release today offers more promises

GRGR continues to announce large contracts with news releases. Todays announcement increases revenues $20 million dollars over the next 3-10 years. GRGR discusses the impact the surprise blizzard has had on the wood chip supply. It is temporary GRGR notes. It puts the export shipments out about a month. This affects the promise of the 1/25 press release announcing exports of wood chips to Italy worth $21 million over the next 12 months. The 1/25 announcement reads:

12 monthly shipments of 10,000 tons each to commence in February. Green Energy Resources will supply pellets packaged in 40 pound bags to be distributed to retailers in Europe. Green Energy Resources works with US pellet manufacturers to move unused or built up inventories. The order is GRGR’s first retail supply order to the European market, where it hopes to gain a market share of a very large pellet market.

When I see the first shipment for this contract on its way with shipping information, I will again look at GRGR with eyes wide open.

Posted by: thecollecktor | February 6, 2010

GRGR allows terrorists to buy a Green card for $1 million dollars?

This announcement to allow foreigners to buy a green card for a $1,000,000 investment in the company bothers me. There are many in this country very qualified to help GRGR grow and realize it’s potential honestly. There are many people in this country without jobs. If the dollars are there from the many contracts, they wouldn’t need to buy their employees. Once they pay the $1,000,000 they are promised a high executive position. Yes also a green card. This offer of a green card concerns me the most.
What would stop AlQuaida from taking advantage of this offer. It sounds too good to be true. Minimal cost to do damage. Terrorists have lots of money. I haven’t looked up the full requirements for a green card but GRGR makes it sound like it is a done deal without too many restrictions if they have a job in this country. Does our country really allow this? Is this really what GRGR wants to do? My headline is explosive and definitely not what GRGR intended. Why in these times would this country have a provision that allows this to occur? If GRGR is real, there are many Americans who would want to work for them and with all the contracts they have, financing would be available to pay them well.

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GRGR 2009 in review shows huge contracts little facts

It has been awhile since I have posted anything. The holiday took some time and then I moved my blog to a website There I have been having issues with the format. Trying to fix it has been my goal, only made it worse. Well I am back to wordpress to make my posts. At least for the time being. My apology.
GRGR’s 2009 was a great year. Sales are anticipated to be $20M Noted in 12/3 press release. Not bad for a penny stock. We will have to wait to see what the financials show when they are released.
Recent contracts if you are counting show 2010 to be an explosive year.
Here is a summary from July 2009
6/25 press release $300,000,000 contract over 10 years 10 million tons sold begin 2010
7/6 press release $28,000,000 20 tons 12 months beginning late 2009 No customer noted
10/7 press release $576,000,000 7 Million Tons a year to an Indian plant, note only letter of intent
12/29 press release $2-4,000,000 10-20 T monthly ready to ship
1/19 press release $55,000,000 no tonnage noted, 2 years beginning in March 2010
1/21 press release $21,000,000 10 T month begin in Feb 2010 to Italy
2/1 press release $76,000,000 in new export orders to Turkey and Italy for 2010?

It is also noted they are looking to hire 12 people income as high as $200,000

These press releases are all documented. This year looks to generate huge sales This is yet to be seen. If all this is true, this penny stock is worth alot more than its current value. They are trying to build faith in the company by applying for a reverse split. They want the stock value to be higher. I am not holding my breath. Stock value would be there if there were more honesty and disclosure to GRGR’s investors.

Posted by: thecollecktor | December 31, 2009

Many who want to believe, Joe provide real data

It is amazing how many there are of us who follow this company’s business and press releases. We all want it to be true. We want GRGR to be the penny stock that makes investors richer. At one time, this company had this potential. No one knows what happened to the leadership, the results we wanted and believed would happen. I am even willing to plea to Joe to take a look at what he has in so dedicated a following. This following no longer believes in what was once believable. It is time for GRGR to wake up, smell the roses and provide more than goals. Seeing results with facts goes along ways toward future success.

Posted by: thecollecktor | December 30, 2009

GRGR stock continues to lose value in 2009

GRGR’s price at the end of 2008 was around $.02 a share. Today it closed at $.0036 a share. A loss of more than 75% on paper. We know 2009’s economy is in recovery. Housing market saw a decline in housing values. At the same time, stocks had a recovery from their lows at the end of last year. That is stocks that have a true market value with investors. GRGR with all of its press releases in 2009, should have shown an increase in value. Something happened. The millions of dollars of revenue GRGR was to earn to our knowledge hasn’t materialized. What has happened is stock holders have gotten smarter. There are more places to invest now. The shakeout in the market will be the hardest as investors realize what companies are providing real data, have real income, and offer a good chance of going up with additional investor interest. Lets hope 2010 GRGR will show they learned much in 2009. We will see Happy New Year.

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GRGR adds wood pellets to its profit centers

GRGR’s newest press release announces GRGR’s attempt to sale wood pellets to distributors.   It is an addition of a profit center to already established million dollar markets and contracts abroad and domestically.   Does GRGR have time, personnel, strategy, structure to be successful at yet another business.  What is the current status of the other profit centers?   With the millions being earned with GRGR’s current contracts marketing  is possible to generate buzz and sales.  Yet nothing is revealed except GRGR’s discussion with one company.   Wouldn’t it be better if they had announced the addition of the wood pellet business with a real contract with a real company that is named.  What is proof worth?  GRGR’s  future focus should provide news releases with more facts.   I continue to hope for better from the CEO.

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